Slipping Out of Summer


Think of all the great things you did for your health over the summer. You left your air-conditioned house and went outside to play, which means you stretched and strengthened your muscles and soaked up lots of fresh air and Vitamin D. Along with your burgers and hot dogs, you ate strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, Swiss chard, beans and melons from your garden and enjoyed roasted zucchini from your neighbor’s abundant harvest.

You relaxed with a good book or good music on the beach or the patio, by the pool or the creek and rejuvenated your mind as well as your body. You left home for a vacation, experienced a change of scenery and reconnected with loved ones. You took time to sit back, reflect, regroup, refocus and plan your next steps.

As we slide from September sunshine into October’s crisp mornings and evenings, what can we do to maintain our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health? Here are just a few ideas. None of them are original, all of them are borrowed.

  • Snag a bit of sunshine and fresh air every day
  • Continue to find ways to move your muscles
  • Swim, bike, walk, hike, climb, fish, canoe, kayak
  • Clean your garden beds, trim your trees and bushes
  • Cut the carbs, boost the fruit, veggies and protein
  • Worship your Creator first thing every morning
  • Immerse yourself in a good book
  • Stay in touch with loved ones, share a hug
  • Walk your dog, bike to work
  • Organize your office, kitchen and closets
  • Smile, sing, dance, jump, skip, relax
  • Listen to God, listen to others, apologize, forgive
  • Think of ways to give rather than get
  • Accept gifts and kindnesses with grace, say “thank you”

The sweet lady who cuts my hair, Tiffiny, always writes gratitude on the appointment cards I take home with me. What a good reminder to be grateful! What are you thankful for this fall? I’m not talking turkey at Thanksgiving. I’m talking daily response to our Creator for gifting us with all that goes with another beautiful day on this beautiful planet called Earth. Gratitude!



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