When Your Body Talks, Listen

Years ago, I wrote an article for a pregnancy newsletter titled “When Your Body Talks, Listen.” After two toxemic pregnancies Imagethat resulted in four-pound babies followed by a healthy pregnancy that produced a nine-pound child, I wanted to encourage other women to pay attention to their bodies. From my pregnancy experiences, I learned to watch my diet, drink plenty of water, get regular exercise, and supplement my diet with vitamins, minerals and other health-enhancing products.

Recently, I’ve had to take my own advice. It all started with engine noises as I was falling asleep one somewhat silent night. I realized I was hearing a rumble like an airplane warming up, which wasn’t surprising because we live fairly close to an airport. But the plane never took off, and the sound didn’t stop, so I decided it came from a truck in the neighborhood. Eventually, I fell asleep. However, I heard the same “motor” the next night and the next…and the next.

 If I listened closely, I could hear the engine revving during daytime hours. Soon, the sound got louder; at least I thought it did. Maybe I was hyper aware of the problem, or maybe the noise really did escalate in volume.

That’s when I got on the Internet to search for reasons and solutions. I also considered visiting an audiologist. But then I remembered a young man we knew years ago who had a similar problem. His doctor told him the noises were a result of food allergies.

I thought about how dairy products clog my sinuses, give me headaches, and affect my digestion, even when I’m not pregnant. Although I rarely ingest milk and cheese, I’d been topping my fruit with a bit of plain Greek yogurt for breakfast almost every morning. I love the taste and consistency and wanted the protein and probiotics found in yogurt.

Despite the fact I’d eaten Greek yogurt for several months without noticeable problems, I knew I had to eliminate the delicious stuff from my diet to see if it was the culprit. Sure enough. Within a couple days, the throbbing in my ear was gone. Lesson learned.

What about you? Are you listening to your body? Becky


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