Germ Warfare

MH910215967Way back in 1980, Dr. Paul Brand and author Philip Yancy released “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made,” a a beautiful book that details the incredible intricacies of the human body. I’ve wanted to reread the book for years and finally picked it up again this morning. Here’s an interesting comment from the first chapter that I think is even more relevant today than it was 30 years ago.

“The quantities of bacteria viewed through the first effective microscopes so overwhelmed scientists that subsequent generations have lived in vivid awareness of ‘germs.’ Astute promoters market disinfectants to sterilize our environment, but too often the germ-killer, merely a cell-killer, also destroys the body’s good cells. Today we need better publicity for our bodies’ able defenses and perhaps less fear of germs–the average American household is in more danger from chemical germ-killers than from germs. I prefer to leave the battle to my own cells.”

Besides the fact that hand sanitizers do little to prevent illness and studies suggest that triclosan, a chemical used in some sanitizers may be dangerous, soap and water remains our best tool for cleanliness. Also, “A 2009 study by Northwestern University found that kids raised in ultra-clean environments may have higher levels of inflammation as adults, which could boost risk for heart attack, stroke and other dangerous disorders.”

A crucial aspect of destroying bacteria is that we can easily kill the good along with the bad. University of California, San Diego professor Dr. Richard Gallo says that “stripping our hands of all bacteria also strips us of some of our natural defenses against other infections.” Instead of depending on germ killers to protect your family, build immunity with healthy living.

See the Dr. Sears article below for information on supplements and foods that enhance good health. Also be sure to get plenty of exercise and fresh air. This is a perfect time of year to step into the sunshine!


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