MH900382575One more blog about germs, and I’ll quit (smile). In an article our newspaper borrowed from The Saturday Evening Post, author Sharon Begley says when we “disrupt our ‘human microbiota,’ we do so at our peril.” She goes on to state that the war on germs, one armed by antibiotics and other anti-microbials, is harmful to beneficial germs as well as disease-causing microbes.

According to Begley, “For every one human cell, there are an estimated 10 single-cell microbes in us or on us–at least 100 trillion in all.” Many illnesses are associated with an imbalance of those microbes, including asthma, chronic sinusitus, excessive appetite, hardening of the arteries, Crohn’s disease, and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and obesity.

The article suggests we purchase antibiotic-free meat and ingest antibiotics only when absolutely necessary. I would add – find a good-quality probiotic product and avoid antibacterial soaps and sanitizers. Give the good guys a chance to do what God created them to do for your body!


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