Enjoy the Cool!

Wow, it’s been too long since I posted here. But I’ve written a few words on my writing blog: widgetwords.wordpress.com and my inspirational blog: howgreatisthelove.wordpress.com. I’ve also been promoting my latest book, Winds of Wyoming – A Kate Neilson Novel, which was released in print earlier this month.

Last weekend, my daughter and I hit the local ski hill for some cross-country skiing. Was a gorgeous day, and the snow was perfect. I’ll include some pictures. Though I haven’t been able to get up to the snow often this winter, I still enjoy the fresh air and exercise of a good walk. We’ve had a mild winter, so walking hasn’t required a whole lot of fortitude or layers; however, as you know, it still takes willpower to push a body out the door or to the gym or onto the treadmill.

What are you doing to keep your blood flowing this winter? As we move into spring, remember that summer heat is coming. Enjoy the cool and reap the overall-health benefits of daily exercise! Becky

p.s. Do any of you recognize the snow object at the right? Idaho is the first place we’ve encountered what we call “snow curls” or “snow roses.” Apparently tiny chunks of snow roll down a hill, collecting more snow along the way to land at the bottom in perfect, flower-like, seashell-like symmetry. Please post a comment if you know the proper term for these marvels of nature.


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