My Heroes

Yes, the Bethlehem shepherds are my heroes. Even though their stories of angels in the sky and a king in the manger sounded ludicrous, maybe even to their own ears, they weren’t afraid to tell everyone they met about the miracles they’d witnessed. I have other heroes and heroines. Below are  a few modern-day individuals who amaze me.

My friend Shirley recently told me about her 93-year-old aunt who golfs three times a week and plays in a ukulele group. Sometimes when they’re talking on the phone, the aunt will say to Shirley, “Sorry, sweetie, I’ve got to go. Need to get to the rest home to sing and play for the old people.”

Wow, what a woman! What an attitude!

Another friend told of a senior-citizen skier he’d met on the slopes. (I don’t remember the skier’s age, but he was over 80.) The guy was out-skiing everyone around him. Said yoga kept him in shape.

We’ve all seen the pictures and heard the stories of older marathoners, gardeners, hikers and bikers. I am encouraged by their attitudes as well as their active lifestyles.

I plan to emulate them the best I can. How about you? Make plans now to stay active in 2012.

Wishing you happy, healthy holidays and Jesus as the Reason for your Christmas celebration, Becky


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