The Eyes Have It!

My husband recently asked his ophthalmologist what he could do about the dry eyes and blurred vision he experiences after driving or reading for extended periods. The doctor suggested the following:

–        Blink! When we’re reading or staring at the road or television, computer, phone, etc. screens, we forget to blink, which lubricates our eyeballs.

–        Take 1000 mg of one of the following twice a day: fish oil, flaxseed oil, or cod liver oil.

–        Use lubricating eye drops.

Another remedy is astaxanthin, a pigment that provides red, yellow and orange coloring to some organisms. It’s found in a variety of seafood and plants. It’s also available in supplement form. General Medicine @ Suite 101 reports that astaxanthin improves “eye health and visual acuity while reducing eye fatigue, dryness, weakness and irritation.” (Preventing Eye Fatigue and Improving Vision: Astaxanthin to the Rescue |

According to Dr. Mercola/, astaxanthin is “the ULTIMATE carotenoid for eye health and the prevention of blindness.”

Mercola also says astaxanthin is now thought to be the most powerful antioxidant found in nature. ( We’ll talk about other benefits of this super-beneficial antioxidant in the next blog.

Here are three additional suggestions from Dr. Mercola for maintaining eye health and improving eyesight:

–        Eat right: Normalize blood sugar, eat lots of fresh, dark-green leafy vegetables, consume animal-based omega-3 fatty acids, avoid trans fats, avoid aspartame, don’t smoke.

–        Limit environmental toxins: “External factors that contribute to eye damage include fluorescent lights, computer screens, environmental allergens, and chlorine in swimming pools.”

–        Sleep: “Sleep time allows your eyes to fully rest, repair, and recover.”

Good eyesight is worth preserving. Only mothers have spare eyeballs on the backs of their heads! Becky


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