De-Stress Your Life

I recently heard Brady Boyd, Pastor of New Life Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, interviewed on a Focus on the Family radio program. (His book, Fear no Evil, was released by Zondervan in April.) Two of Pastor Boyd’s comments regarding the stress he experienced during a church crisis stuck with me.

–        “The Sabbath rest was not a suggestion.”

–        “Unplug.”

He encouraged listeners to take breaks from busy schedules to rest, relax, regroup and refresh. At a point in his ministry when he felt overwhelmed by pressure, he sought solitude and renewal on a friend’s isolated ranch.

Boyd also encouraged listeners to occasionally unplug from cell phones, computers, iPads, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging…

What are other ways we can de-stress?

Supplements. From a article: “According to Julian Whitaker, M.D., it is important to support the adrenal glands during stressful times. He suggests a high potency multiple-mineral, vitamin C, and maybe a good, balanced B-complex. He further suggests the adaptogens Korean (Panax) ginseng or Siberian ginseng.”

Diet. The article also recommended: “Eat well, include plenty of vegetables and whole foods. Limit sugar, caffeine, and fast foods. Exercise to relieve tension.”

Exercise. The You Docs reported in January that “Exercise cuts anxiety by 29 percent. …People who got physical for just 30 minutes a day cut their anxiety by almost a third, even if they were dealing with severe mind-body stressors like cancer.”

Be still. The Bible tells us in Psalms to “Be still and know that I am God.” What could be more stress-relieving than to remind ourselves that the Creator of the universe is alive and well—and in control.

Sleep. “Get an adequate amount of sleep. Sleeping recharges your brain and improves your focus, concentration, and mood.” (

Breathe. Dr. Roger Henderson, author of Stress Beaters: 100 Proven Ways To Manage Stress, writes that “People who are stressed breathe too shallowly and too fast. This can cause palpitations and headaches, although sufferers often don’t connect these conditions with their stress.” ( Click on the link for breathing lessons and more information re. de-stressing your life.

Other ways to de-stress: Read a good book, pray, drink chamomile tea, laugh, listen to music, play with your pet, visit with a close friend or family member or—? How do you relax? Please share your secret with us and take it easy today, Becky


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