This ‘n’ That

I gave myself a blogging break to camp in beautiful NE Oregon, celebrate thirty-six years of marriage (to the same great guy!) and attend a writers’ conference. So, I need to do some catching up.

  • In the previous blog, I recommended using coconut oil for a sunscreen. Just so you know, although my husband and I have used the oil this summer without experiencing a burn, others have not found it as effective. All I can say is “good luck!” It works for us but may not work for you.
  • I finished a fascinating book I referred to in an earlier blog—“Death by Supermarket: The Fattening, Dumbing Down, and Poisoning of America”—and recommend it for those interested in feeding themselves and their families nutrient-rich meals (as opposed to factory meals).
  • I also read “Last Child Left in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder,” and found it equally interesting. Here’s a thought-provoking quote from the book:

Even as school districts decreased students’ experiences beyond the classroom walls, they increased the number of school hours. Ironically, the detachment of education from the physical world not only coincided with the dramatic rise in life-threatening childhood obesity but also with a growing body of evidence that links physical exercise and experience in nature to mental acuity and concentration.”

  • Much has been written recently about the benefits of vitamin D3. I’ll compile some of that information later, but for the moment, take advantage of summer! Don’t just sunbathe to soak up D3. Find something active under the sun to do. Sure, you can acquire D3 in a lawn chair, but if you want to build a strong body and mind, get out into nature—away from computers, televisions, techie toys, phones, sidewalks and asphalt—and move your muscles in whatever activity you find most pleasurable. Enjoy! Becky

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