Sunscreen Alternatives

Now that you’ve been warned about the dangers of sunscreen products, you’re probably wondering how we can protect our skin from sunburn. For starters, as we’ve all been advised, avoid prolonged exposure during the peak-heat hours of the day and wear long-sleeved, light-colored shirts plus long pants and wide-brimmed hats. However, the thought of bundling up in the summer makes me claustrophobic. Below you’ll find suggestions for safe fun in the sun without covering every centimeter of skin with fabric.

  • My family has used coconut oil as a sunscreen this summer and found that even the fair-skinned blondes avoid sunburn. Besides providing a natural sunscreen, coconut oil smells good and is great for the skin. (In another blog, we’ll talk about the health benefits of ingesting coconut oil.)
  • Chris of Zen to, a certified personal trainer studying naturopathic medicine, writes that “There seems to be a growing range of natural sunscreens on the market today which…work by acting like a mirror and reflecting off the sun instead of absorbing the UV rays like normal sunscreens.”
  • Besides listening to our bodies and searching for shade when they tell us they’ve had enough sun, Chris says we should replace polyunsaturated fats in our diets “with more saturated and heat resistant fats like coconut and dairy fat…”
  • suggests clothing made from sun-protective fabrics and eating “plenty of dark green, red, and yellow fruits and vegetables, to keep your skin healthy and less prone to skin damage.”
  • This link recommends coconut oil as well as bare essentials mineral makeup: You can also find recipes to make natural sunscreens on

Enjoy summer! Becky


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