Homeopathic Medicine

Over the years, I have visited a variety of medical practitioners and benefited from a smorgasbord of wellness opinions and options. One particularly fascinating approach to healing is homeopathic medicine. Below is a description of how homeopathic remedies work. (http://www.homeopathic.org)

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines, or remedies. These remedies are prepared from substances found in nature. Nevertheless, homeopathy should not be confused with herbal medicine. These two systems of medicine are very different. Herbal medicine uses tinctures of botanical substances, whereas homeopaths use ultradiluted “micro” doses made from not only plants but minerals or any other substance found in nature.

The homeopathic doctor chooses the proper remedy by following a special rule of nature called the Law of Similars. This law states “like cures like” or that a medicine can cure a sick person if it can cause similar sickness in a healthy person.

According to the website, the law of similars was recognized centuries ago, at least as early as 400 BC. In the early 1800s, Samuel Hahnemann, a German doctor and chemist, tested homeopathy on himself and wrote about his results. Today, Queen Elizabeth’s family doctor is a homeopathic physician.

Homeopathic remedies are provided in different forms—from tiny pills to tinctures to creams. Here’s some advice from http://hubpages.com/hub/Uses-of-Homeopathic-Medicine on how to use homeopathic medicine:

  • When using homeopathic pills, it is best not to touch them with your hands. Most homeopathic medicine containers provide a bottle cap to make it easy for you to avoid touching the pills. Just pour the pills out into the top and then directly into your mouth. The pills should be dissolved in the mouth rather than chewed or swallowed.
  • The liquid form of medicine can be dropped right on the tongue (don’t touch the dropper to your mouth) or added to clean water. The dosage is written on the container. Dosage is not as important in homeopathy as getting the right remedy. When you are self-treating, it is probably best to use potencies of 6-30x or 6-30c.
  • Homeopaths will usually tell you not eat or drink anything within 20 or 30 minutes of taking homeopathic medicine.
  • Don’t drink coffee while you are taking a homeopathic medicine.
  • Don’t consume or use anything containing a strong essential oil, such as eucalyptus, tea tree oil, peppermint, menthol, and camphor.
  • Drugs, nail polish and stress can “antidote,” or cancel out, the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies.

You can locate a homeopathic physician on http://www.homeopathic.org and find inexpensive homeopathic remedies at health food stores. Stay healthy! Becky


5 thoughts on “Homeopathic Medicine

  1. How very wonderful to find the blog! I can attest to the benefits of Homeopathic Remedies and more. A few years ago after a bout with viral meningitis persistent migraines left me pretty incapacitated. Dr. Gladys T. McGarey MD., MD., H suggested a course of action other than pain killers. At 88 she was no longer in practice. I found one incredible homeopath, my good fortune was to experience the benefits of homeopathic remedies coupled with acupuncture one visit cured me.

    My greater fortune of this week, comes again from advise Dr. Gladys known internationally as the Mother of Holistic Medicine, she is now a few month shy of 90. I must tell about this because some person reading this may benefit from her latest suggestion. I was diagnosed with contact dermatitis, a fancy way of saying that my lips and the immediate surroundings were chapped, dried and cracking at the edges, almost burned and painful, all this by some mysterious element.
    After a visit to the dermatologist I was given a prescription for some potent drug with no benefit. I called Dr. Gladys and she said: “why not use your Aloe Vera plant, use its juice as a cream around your lips, there are no side effects except you might experience the bitter taste of the plant. At night why not use some Castor oil along with the Aloe. It has been 24 hours. Monday morning my next appointment with the dermatologist will be cancelled.

    And Yes the homeopathic remedies at any local health food stores are life savers.


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