Death by Supermarket

Death by Supermarket: The Fattening, Dumbing Down, and Poisoning of America. I haven’t yet read this book, though I’ve reserved it at the library and hope to read it soon. Here are some of the section and chapter headings:

–     How Factory Food Changed the Way We Live…and Die

–      Socially Acceptable Sugar Addiction

–      MSG Keeps Us Coming Back for More

–      The Fat Fiasco

–      Factory Milk Does a Body Bad

–      The Basics Of a Real Food Diet

–      Drug Pushers

–      What Thomas Jefferson Would Have Done

Author Nancy Deville says she lived in Japan during high school, then in India and Europe for many years. “Back then the world was not infiltrated with American factory food products. People ate real food. I was appalled at the weirdness of food when I returned to the U.S. after a total of six and a half years.

“It made sense to me why everyone in my family was always sick with colds and flu. After I left home and started eating real food, I didn’t have a single cold or flu for over 20 years.” (April 2, 2010 Novel Journey interview;

“The food industry addicts us to their products,” writes Deville in her introduction to the book, “fattens us up, makes us depressed and sick, and then, backed by our medical community and government, the diet and drug industries profit by selling us diet products that perpetuate malnutrition and drugs that exacerbate our health problems.”

Deville is a tireless researcher, according to the Novel Journey interview, who makes a compelling argument for real food and long, healthy, productive lives within the first few pages of her book. Interested? Check your library, book store or Amazon, where prices start at $9.50. Becky


2 thoughts on “Death by Supermarket

  1. Thanks, Nancy, for your comment! I already checked out your helpful posture video and am looking forward to reading the Supermarket book as well as “Karma.” The more sex trafficking is exposed, the better! My heart hurts for all the millions of victims. Becky


  2. Hi Becky, So nice to read of another person out there who is interested in fighting the war from within. Please check out my fan page by going to and clicking on Facebook. I post videos and I answer any questions with a video. Since you’re living healthy on a budget I know people would love to hear from you. Om Shanti. Nancy


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