How Sweet it Is—Not!

Here’s a little quiz for you. How much sugar do you think Americans consume, whether from stirring the white stuff into coffee and tea or ingesting what’s added by manufacturers to cereal, fruit juice, catsup, peanut butter, salad dressing, canned fruit, etc., etc.? (Not to mention baked goods and candy bars, ice cream and…)

__ Five pounds per month?

__ Forty-six teaspoons per day?

__ One-half cup per day?

__ Three pounds per week?

If you said forty-six teaspoons per day and three pounds, the amount those teaspoons total in a week, you are a winner. Your Grandma Gone Granola t-shirt is in the mail!

Dr. William Douglass in his Daily Dose blog reported the above findings from a study of 6,000 sugar-consuming individuals. As he said, the above figures are for those on the high-intake end of the study; however, on average, sugars make up sixteen percent of our daily calories, according to the study. Those aren’t just calories; they’re empty calories devoid of nutrition and harmful calories responsible for a host of maladies.

Drs. Oz and Roizen write in a March You Docs column that “In 2008, the beverage industry pumped out 47 gallons of soda for each American (yes, gallons). All that liquid sugar isn’t just making us fat. It’s also increasing our risk for deadly diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome and heart disease.”

Years ago, researchers developed what’s called a “phagocytic index” to rate how rapidly our white blood cells can destroy a virus, bacteria or cancer cell. “A blood sugar level of only 120 mg/ml (normal fasting blood sugar should be 100 mg/ml or less) will reduce the phagocytic index…by a whopping 75%. Loosely translated, your immune system slows to a crawl.” (

Feeling sick and tired? Maybe sugar is the culprit. Becky


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