Health-Care Reform

Just the mention of health-care reform causes our blood pressure to rise—whether we applaud the new national law or fear it. A recent You Docs newspaper column by Mehmet Oz and Mike Roizen ( suggests we’re missing the crux of the issue. “Everyone is worked up…but amid the shouting, are you hearing much about health?” According to these doctors, we’ve got a sickness-care system not a health-care system. “At least 70 percent of our health care spending goes to preventable diseases—you know, the ones caused by smoking, excessive weight, inactivity, poor diets and stress.”

The You Docs say laws can’t make us healthy—and they’re right. You and I are personally responsible for our individual wellbeing. Not our doctors. Not the government. Below is Oz and Roizen’s prescription for good health:

–         Walk 30 minutes a day.

–         After a few months, add a short strength-training routine.

–         If you smoke, stop.

–         “Eat as if your life depends on it.” (Fruits and veggies, whole grains, fish, chicken, low-fat dairy and nuts.)

–         Relax. “Spend five minutes a day in prayer, meditation or doing yoga or a deep-breathing exercise.”

If the law had focused on health care not sickness care, maybe our tax dollars would pay for fitness club memberships and yoga classes, treadmills and bicycles as well as surgery and drugs. I’d be happy with new walking shoes and hiking boots! Wishing you a healthy, invigorating spring! Becky


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