What in the World is Wheatgrass Juice?

Grandma Gone Granola™: Simple, Inexpensive Tips for Healthy Living

When a friend recently asked about wheatgrass juice, and her daughter said it is used to combat cancer, I decided to learn more. Dr. Linda Page writes in Healthy Healing that wheatgrass “has curative powers for treating cancerous growths and other degenerative diseases, when taken as a fresh liquid. Fifteen pounds of fresh wheat grass has the nutritional value of 350 pounds of vegetables. …As with all the green grasses, the primary benefit of wheatgrass is its chlorophyll content.”

Why is chlorophyll beneficial? Phyllis Balch in Prescription for Nutritional Healing writes that chlorophyll “not only cleanses the blood of impurities, but also builds up the blood with important nutrients, promotes regularity, and inhibits cellular damage from radiation. This makes chlorophyll helpful in the treatment of many disorders. Wheatgrass, barley, and alfalfa juices are all rich in chlorophyll.”

We learned in high school botany that green plants contain chlorophyll. But I’d forgotten that “Chlorophyll has a chemical structure that is quite similar to a chemical structure found within our red blood cells.” http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?tname=george&dbid=52 Dr. Robert Young has some interesting thoughts about the similarities in his blog titled Blood Transfusions with Chlorophyll (http://articlesofhealth.blogspot.com/2006/11/blood-transfusions-with-chlorophyll.html).

Uses for chlorophyll include detoxifying the body, alleviating bad breath and body odor, fighting cancer, repairing tissues, neutralizing pollution, assimilating minerals, healing wounds and much more. http://www.naturalnews.com/chlorophyll.html, http://www.nutritional-supplements-health-guide.com/chlorophyll-benefits.html.

I think I’ll have a green salad for lunch. How about you? Becky


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