Fresh Air & Sunshine

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My daughter and I enjoyed an afternoon of cross-country skiing in the mountains last weekend. For those who have never tried this particular winter sport, “xc” skiing is a wonderful outdoor exercise option. Not only is it a fairly easy and inexpensive form of skiing, extras like full-body movement, the thrill of gliding through glistening snow banks, crisp air and beautiful vistas add up to a great outing.

 XC Ski Indiana reports that “Every major muscle group is involved in propelling the xc skier forward, and even muscles that don’t seem to be in use are actively involved to balance and coordinate the entire body.  …nothing can provide as holistic and balanced a workout as getting outside, into the snow, and onto a pair of cross-country skis.”

Because cross-country skiing is low-impact, it is less stressful to joints than running and other aerobic exercises. Plus, it stretches and strengthens muscles and burns lots of calories (that’s why I always end up removing my hat and coat, and sometimes gloves, when I cross-country). Best of all, anyone who can walk can xc ski, even kids. Really young children can be towed by mom or dad on sleds designed for such activity.

“But,” you say, “I don’t have easy access to a ski trail.” Or, “I hate snow!”  Pole walking (which consumes more calories than jogging) might be the perfect alternative for you—and for those who want strong arms and legs. You can watch a video or read about the many health benefits of pole walking at:    Sweet gliding! Becky


2 thoughts on “Fresh Air & Sunshine

  1. Hi Becky,
    I watched the video on pole walking, and was quite intrigued by it. I think I might stand out like a sore thumb here in Vancouver, but such a mystery about myself has never bothered me before! I really like the idea of getting up and getting going with poles!

    By the way, in my research, I came across information on Jeruselum Artichoke, more commonly known as Sun Choke. There are 6 million probiotics in one single serving. Eating them six days in a row will completely replace the intestinal flora with healthy immune fighting bacteria. Prepare your family for a flatulent week, as the plant is an oligosaccharide, which creates it’s own enzymes to break it down in the digestive system. Don’t ‘poo poo’ this amazing food. It’s one of a kind, and extremely beneficial for a healthy gut! I recommend washing with cold water and chopping them up in salads. They make a great dip chip, too. I don’t cook them because I am not sure about the probiotic piece and heat.

    Happy Fartichoke! Robin


    1. Hi Robin! I agree — pole walking is intriguing. I like the idea of a full-body workout in God’s great outdoors.

      Thanks for the information about Jerusalem Artichokes. I didn’t know they have probiotic properties. Wonderful news! Becky


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