Cheap Thrills

Grandma Gone Granola™: Simple, Inexpensive Tips for Healthy Living

Despite the pricey machines and costly clothing sold at sports stores, exercise does not have to be expensive. In an article titled “Create a Home Gym for Less than Fifty Dollars” featured in the spring issue of Mature Years, I wrote that a good pair of shoes and a few simple, low-cost pieces of equipment are all a body needs to achieve physical fitness. I love to walk and hike, so that’s where the shoes come in for me. Obviously, they’re also needed by those who dance, bike, jog or play sports.

For workouts around the house, you’ll find free equipment in your kitchen and garage. Try weight-lifting with bricks, cans of food (preferably unopened!), bags of rice, or water-filled milk jugs. Thick boards, bricks and stairs are perfect for calf stretches and stair-stepping.

Inexpensive equipment you might find at your local mart or Play It Again Sports: workout DVD, exercise mat, jump rope, exercise ball, dumbbells, balance board or disc, mini-trampoline, resistance band, step bench, Pilates ring, weighted balls. Other muscle-stretching and strengthening tools are also available at reasonable prices. Be sure to purchase only those you’re sure you’ll utilize.

We’ll talk later about the numerous benefits of exercise. For now, just remember that physical fitness makes us healthier, happier people. Enjoy! Becky


2 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills

  1. You’re doing a great job, Becky! One place you forgot to mention for free, almost new exercise equipement – the closet of friends & relatives whose good intentions went the way of most good intentions …


    1. You’re right, Bridget. Months ago, our neighbor parked a massive weight machine in his driveway with a “for sale” sign on it. We looked out the window last Saturday just in time to see the apparatus being rolled down the street by another neighbor, who must have gotten a great deal! We’ve also found bargains at garage sales, thrift stores (ski poles for $1 each!) and flea markets. Becky


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